Coaching with Bekah


I'm excited to offer you access to my 100% exclusive online Encourager Mastermind Group! This group coaching opportunity is available for 5-8 awesome and eager participants and courses are offered the first six months of the year! We will meet live and online once a month via the Zoom Platform, with a recording available to view or re-watch again later.  Each Encourager Mastermind Group session includes these topics that are covered in detail in my book (available in softcover, eBook, audio book versions):

  • discovering your super skill (page 103)
  • listing your priorities and setting boundaries (page 25)
  • making key decisions for your life and work (page 43)
  • developing systems to keep you organized and on track (page 117)
  • learning to time block your schedule for maximum achievements
  • awareness of mental roadblocks and help making mindset shifts 
  • personalized homework for each participant

The cost is $150 per month with a 6 month commitment. Commit to this year being your best yet!

I can't WAIT to hear your story and walk alongside you while you become the best version of YOU!


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Please contact for more information. 

 Coaching testimonials:

"My time spent with Bekah has been invaluable! When I went out on my own as a full time work-at-home mom, my biggest fear wasn't if I was going to succeed... my biggest fear was getting stagnant, not meeting new people, and not continuing to grow and develop. Bekah has coached me on how to set goals, strengthen relationships, and grow personally and professionally. I would highly recommend her as both a business and life coach!" - Melissa Heckel, Branch Creative Co.

"Talking to Rebekah is the peace and calming I needed to hear in this crazy small business world! She has the years of experience in knowing what works and what doesn't, she knows how to make running a business and running a family not seem so daunting, and she has the no-nonsense steps to guide you even when you are unsure! But what I appreciate most, is how her faith shines through in every aspect of her life. I will definitely be consulting with her again!"  - Amanda Block, Dwell 605

"Being in the Encourager Mastermind group for the last four+ months has been inspiring and helpful to hear how others run their business and the struggles and successes they encounter. Rebekah really gets you to pay attention to how you are spending your time on both your home life and your business. She rallies next to you, helps to bring focus to your goals, and where you want to take them." - Emily Pearson, Pears On Print

"I’m so glad I decided to join The Encourager coaching group with Rebekah Scott! We are only halfway through our time together and I’m already seeing progress and clarity within my business and systems! Bekah radiates positivity and her enthusiasm is contagious! I leave every session feeling encouraged, empowered and the “I got this” spirit Bekah always talks about in her podcast. I am feeling so blessed to have had this opportunity and I cannot wait to continue this journey in our group!" - Lauren Moran, The Rustic Honey Boutique

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